Beryllium electron configuration

Be (Beryllium) is an element with position number 4 in the periodic table. Located in the II period. Melting point: 1278 ℃. Density: 1.85 g/cm3.
Electronic configuration of the Beryllium atom:
1s2 2s2

Reduced electronic configuration Be:
[He] 2s2

Below is the electronic diagram of the Beryllium atom
Orbital diagram of the Beryllium atom
Distribution of electrons over energy levels in the Be atom
1-st level (K): 2
2-st level (L): 2
Distribution of electrons in the Beryllium

Valence electrons of Beryllium

The number of valence electrons in a Beryllium atom - 2.
Below are their quantum numbers (N - energy, L - angular momentum, M - magnetic moment, S - spin )
Oxidation states of Beryllium: +1, +2
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